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Free shipping on orders over $25!

GoGo Squeez Yogurtz, Strawberry Yogurt, 3 oz, 4 Pouches

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HAPPY COWS AND HAPPY FARMERS: Every scrumptious GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ pouch is made with the freshest milk ingredients from the happy and healthy cows within our exclusive network of dairy farms.

FUEL YOUR ADVENTURES: With GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ, you can enjoy delicious yogurt without having to compromise your fun in the sun! Made from real yogurt and fruit, 4 grams of protein and no preservatives, GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ are the perfect, easy snack to take anywhere because they're pantry-friendly (no fridge or cooler needed) and SO YUMMY!

NO FRIDGE NEEDED: GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ are pantry-friendly yogurt pouch snacks. In other words, you can store them at room temperature, no cooler needed, until opened. When you're ready to GoGo, enjoy your GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ as is.

REAL, REAL GOOD: The team behind GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ has focused on delivering a yogurt product with 4 grams of protein and absolutely no preservatives, that is a good source of calcium. Plus, GoGo squeeZ yogurtZ have the added goodness of vitamin D and most importantly, they don't require refrigeration so kids can take them anywhere they go!

GOGO GOODNESS: GoGo squeeZ is committed to delivering goodness in terms of quality ingredients and scrumptious flavor. We believe antibiotics, artificial growth hormones such as rBSTᶧ, artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and other yucky stuff have no place in our products.

WE SAY 'NO' SO YOU CAN SAY 'YES': We make our products gluten free, preservatives free, and kosher certified so that it's easy for you to say yes to your kids. Let them enjoy GoGo squeeZ pouches anywhere they go. We advise that you keep the heli-cap out of reach of children under 3.